Rising Song Institute

Hadar’s Rising Song Institute cultivates Jewish spiritual life through song. It is a meeting place and incubator for creative musicians and prayer leaders who hope to reinvent the future of music as a communal Jewish spiritual practice. Based in Philadelphia, we engage people throughout North America and around the world through communal singing, immersive study, and experimental music-making.

The Rising Song Institute is part of the Hadar Institute. Hadar empowers Jews to create and sustain vibrant, practicing, egalitarian communities of TorahAvodah, and Hesed.  

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Rising Song Jewish Music Residency

The Rising Song Jewish Music Residency is a year-long immersive study program for serious students of Jewish spiritual music and spiritual tradition. The residency will prepare and train musical change agents to cultivate Jewish spiritual life nationally and internationally, across the full pluralistic range of Jewish expression. 

We are no longer accepting new applications for 2019-2020. Applications for the 2020-2021 residency will open in October 2019.

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Rising Song Fellowship

The Rising Song Fellowship is a select cohort of musicians, composers, and prayer leaders on the leading edge of 21st-century Jewish music. Following a fifteen-month incubator, these musical-spiritual artists continue to collaborate on a variety of innovative projects.

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Hadar Ensemble

Deeply rooted in old Jewish musical styles such as nigunim, prayer, and cantorial music, the Hadar Ensemble branches out to encompass an eclectic range of sounds and musical influences. Lush harmonies merge with contemporary American soundscapes, inflected by jazz, bluegrass, flamenco, American blues, classical music, and Balkan brass music.


Philosophy and Values

Singing transforms people and builds communities. Music is a beautiful and powerful tool that opens our hearts and teaches us to listen to one another and to the sacred whispers of the world around us.

Hadar’s Rising Song Institute strives to operate according to the following values:


Artistic and Communal

We emphasize the intricate interdependence between the work of advanced musical-spiritual artists and the powerful grassroots energy of people gathered in community to sing.


Particular and Pluralistic

Our singing includes many different styles of music, and our particular synthesis of these styles will find wide applications that transcend established genres and denominations.


Rooted and Radical

Our music is deeply rooted in ancient Jewish traditions, but we will also invent entirely new musical modalities.


Inclusive and Egalitarian

Our music gathers people close together and facilitates careful listening, transcending dogmatic social categories. People of all gender identities and expressions, and from all cultural backgrounds and streams of Judaism, are invited to participate and lead.  


Joyous and Tearful

Our music unlocks heavy hearts and encourages therapeutic expressions of a wide emotional spectrum.


Prayerful and Torah-Centered

Music is a form of prayer, a language for opening up people’s largest questions. Music speaks most powerfully when it reflects our collective ancient-new wisdom (“Torah”).


Beautiful and Imaginative

Music reminds us of humankind’s capacity for beauty and curiosity.